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Sex improves night sleep

What do you do if you can not sleep? If tea from a camomile and any other means on you any more do not operate or work, sex can help or assist you. Especially if you have problems with sleeping because of an increased sense of anxiety or because of stress. Deep relaxation, which usually follows after an orgasm in a woman, helps to fall asleep quickly and hard. Many people say that after a loving satisfaction, their sleep is deeper and more refreshing.

Sex is able to strengthen your immune system

For all our concern about the possible attack of influenza viruses and colds, dealing with them can be a waste of time. Surprisingly, the “activities” that you will spend in the bedroom can be much more effective, because they can significantly increase your immunity!

American immunologists say that people who have sex once or twice a week show a 30 percent higher level of antibodies to immunoglobulin A, which is known to strengthen the human immune system. Thus, create a ritual for yourself in the cold season: first, wash your hands more often to remove microbes from them, and secondly, more often appoint your husband romantic dates in the bedroom.

Sex can improve your mental health

What is the fastest way to improve mood, to overcome depression and kill unreasonable anxiety? The answer is simple: having sex. Of course, now we mean the serious relationship between people who love each other. Intimacy helps to lower the level of cortisol (a hormone that is involved in the development of stress), thereby reducing the likelihood of increased blood pressure, acid level of gastric juice and the occurrence of hyperglycemia.

Sex relieves stress and reduces depression, and especially quickly it happens in women. But stress is a killer for both sexes. Talking about the benefits of sex in the fight against stress and depression, we mention this as a scientifically proven fact. Ejaculation man helps to develop in their brain chemicals that allow him to experience a sense of happiness. And for women who take in the sperm of men, the semen works as a natural antidepressant and helps to get rid of stress. People who are depressed, usually have very little sex. This is a trap, do not fall into it!