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Of course, sex is great; but do you know that an active sex life can significantly improve our health? If you ask experts, they will name a lot of examples, from which it becomes obvious the benefits of sex for all women. In what exactly is this expressed?

Double “bonus”: nice and useful

The benefits of sex go far beyond the bedroom. It turns out that it is so multifaceted that we can not even always imagine it. We women have much in common: we like to enjoy ourselves with various desserts, we adore sales in our favorite store, and we all would not mind looking and feeling younger and healthier.

Many of us are so absorbed in improving our appearance that we invest a fortune in stocks placed on the shelves of our dressing table and in the bathroom, as well as visiting gyms, doctors, nutritionists, healers … But all we need to find wonderful tools that will give us a smooth skin, healthy shiny hair, relief from pain and just generally make us feel amazing – it’s just to have regular sex!

Yes this is true. The use of sex for the health and preservation of the youth of men and men is scientifically proven. An example, when not only pleasure, but also the benefits of sex for a woman can be very weighty:

Sex helps to lose weight

Of course, do not neglect the exercises in the gym; if you regularly practice, for example, on a treadmill, then do it. But do not forget that sex is also considered a good physical activity! Occupations of love burn from 70 to 150 calories in half an hour. This is comparable to other physical activities, such as yoga (114 calories per half hour), dancing (129 calories) or fast walking (153 calories). And you get an additional bonus: sex will help your muscles stay in good tonight . Sexual arousal and orgasm release the hormone testosterone, which is necessary for the creation and maintenance of bone and muscle tissue of a woman.