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Women vainly believe that men are always ready for sex. The expert in the field of sex relations made a rating of the five biggest female misconceptions concerning men.

British psychologist and expert in the field of sex relations Tracey Cox warns women against the thought that the male behavior is motivated only by the desire for sex. She talked about the five main female mistakes in views on the behavior of men in sex.

Men always think about sex and want it

If we talk about “men” of years 17-18, then this is quite a fair statement. But after 25 strong sex begins to be interested in other aspects of life that affect libido. Work, stress, bills, family troubles – all this can lead to a decrease in libido. Men do not think about sex 24 hours a day. This assumption sounds no more clever than the phrase that all women think 24 hours a day about shopping.

 If a man has experienced an orgasm, then sex is over.

After your partner has experienced an orgasm, he is visited by a pleasant relaxation – he wants to relax and do nothing. Often, men turn to the woman’s back and fall asleep. But it’s only because the women themselves behave too passively. Who prevents you from saying: “Hey, we have not finished yet!” And ask you to help you? If the orgasm itself so tired him, then agree that the first to the climax will reach you in sex, and only then help him.

Sex for men is just sex

Women believe that men need sex only to satisfy physiological instincts. And for the fair sex it is a reflection of love, and the desire to emotionally merge with a partner, etc. In fact, making love for men is an opportunity to be accepted by a woman not only physically, but emotionally. Men are worse at expressing emotions through words. But they can even show their love with sex. And if you refuse sex with a partner, then for him it sounds like the phrase “I do not love you”.