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Do you binge on all those crime shows with impossibly good-looking officers and agents? Love those picture puzzles where you find items in a huge picture? Just want to see some pussy? Then come on over to Lust Case. This detective themed hentai game by Hooligapps has all those things and more. Let’s look at some individual aspects of the game.


So, here’s what I love the most about the game: The story is constantly moving forward. The issue I think with some games, especially hentai games, is that you get bored really quickly from the same repetitive actions. The over arching story line is that you are starting a sex crimes division in your city to help make it safe. Your big boobed superior walks you through the steps how to play the game. She also makes commentary about the victims and the suspects that would have most supervisors out the door on their ass, like calling porn stars ‘cum dumpsters’ and commenting on the flat chest of a suspect’s pregnant wife.
Each case is unique. They start you off with a story about a young woman who was found murdered and her breasts have been cut. It looks like the suspect tried to cut her breasts off but was unable to. You discover the clues at the scenes about the criminal. When you’re ready to accuse someone, you look at the clues that match.
The second story is about a porn star who’s receiving death threats. These two stories couldn’t be more different and it’s so refreshing because you aren’t limited to the same 10 lines over and over and over. You can actually enjoy the different stories and all the hot women that come with them.


How the heck do you play this game? Well first you’re given a case and the basic details. When you head to the first crime scene, you bring alone your partners- girls on playing cards of different colors. There are only like five colors, but they’re important. At each crime scene, the clue that you’re looking for is a certain color, like blue or yellow. The girls have to have a certain intelligence level to qualify for the clue to be found. When you do that, you enter the scene.
At each scene, there are random items that you have to find in a bunch of clutter- porno mags, condoms, roses, tattoos, lube, etc. on the side there is a meter that fills up when you find those items. This is where having high IQ on your girls is so important. If they don’t have a high enough IQ then it’s really hard to get that clue (glares at the scene that took me twenty times to get the FIRST clue).
Finding the items in rapid succession and quickly gets you a bunch of bonuses. After the end of the round, you’re given a score. That score then fills up police badges that you use in your case- questioning suspects, accusing the criminal, etc. You also get experience points, money, and then lightbulbs. The lightbulbs are used to increase your girls’ intelligence levels. The higher their intelligence, the greater chance of finding clues, the faster you solve the case.

When you find a clue it’s send to the lab for some time to be analyzed. They either give you a clue that matches the killer or leads you to another suspect.
At various times, you get packs of cards that match some of your girls. When you have all of them, you can seduce them. Seducing them A. removes their clothes which is what we want and B. increases how smart they can become.

It seems more complicated than it really is, but when you actually start to play it, it all makes sense. Why don’t you go try it out for yourself?


The general graphics that you see in the characters is pretty good. Not the absolute best that I’ve seen, but I can definitely tell a lot of thought went into the designs of both one-off characters and the girls on your team. You definitely get the best images in the hentai images and the crime flash backs. They are so detailed and the colors are gorgeous. The crimes scenes and locations that you visit, along with the items that you have to find, are just awesome and a lot of fun to play. Hands down some of the best graphics that I have seen in any of the games that I have played.


Ok, here’s the part that you probably want to hear more about. Is it really a free game or is it free the first few levels then you have to pay some ridiculous fee to continue? I would say it’s mostly the first. You can read into this all you want. But it’s just like most games. You’re given a set amount of resources at the beginning of the game and you can then earn more through out the game or you can buy them if you want to be fast about it. The prices aren’t that bad and they have a lot of sales going on at any given point. The biggest issue is being smart about where you spend your resources at.

One other issue is you have to expand your memory bank to view hentai photos and you need gems to do that… and you have to buy the gems. Kind of an issue, but a few dollars here and there isn’t that big of a deal. And like I said, you can earn them in the game, it just takes more time.

I like that you can still play the game without having to pay for anything, even if it’s slower. Not the worst business model that I’ve come across and definitely similar to several others that I’ve seen.


I really loved the music, but I also didn’t? Let me explain. It’s a beautiful score. Hauntingly beautiful and definitely an homage to several old cop shows. It mixes with other sounds like a typewriter, a phone ringing, and unintelligeable chatter so well without being overwhelming. Wait, why would I hate it if I think it’s awesome? Because it puts me on edge. Which to be fair is probably the point the composer was going for. Overall great music and no real voice acting to note.


This game plays into a certain fetish- violence porn. Let’s get this out of the way first: The hentai is beautiful. It’s incredibly detailed, beautifully drawn, and looks like it’s jumping out of your screen. Hands down some of the best hentai images that I have seen in any games that I have played.


Should you play this game or should you walk away? I say play the game. The game itself is really interesting and, even with spending a few dollars here and there to up your resources, its worth the time and effort. The stories are interesting, the characters that you have to interact with repeatedly are distinct, and the girls in your deck are hot. One of the best hentai games that I’ve played. Case closed.